PRESS: Stop The Bullshit - My next boss might be a robot

PRESS: Stop The Bullshit - My next boss might be a robot

I was invited to the annual conference for the Pessoas magazine, #stopthebullshit, where I discussed how automation is changing the way organizations operate.

I focused on the fact that it's still not clear who is responsible by AI driven decisions.

There's a bias to responsabilize the author when AI goes well (for example with computational creativity), and responsabilize the AI or the data that was used to train it when it goes bad (for example a false negative on a AI that is supposed to detect cancer).

It's funny how businesses are giving more and more decision-making capabilities to machines and AI but some of these basic principles aren't defined yet.

Regulation moves slowly than technology and we're not waiting so...Better hurry.

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Conferência #StopTheBullshit: O meu próximo chefe pode ser um robô?
No painel de arranque da 1.ª conferência anual da revista Pessoas, #StopTheBullshit, os participantes revelaram como a automação está a ser integrada nas suas organizações e como olham para o futuro.

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