About me

I'm a founder and CEO, sometimes working as a consultant focused on data science, artificial intelligence, blockchain development and data strategy - helping you identifying the best opportunities to capitalize on your data.

Founder @ Enlightenment.ai & seculodasluzes.pt

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You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

What is this website?

This is my personal website/blog where I post about my thoughts and ideas on technology and hobbies.

These topics might include stuff like crypto; data science and artificial intelligence; the internet of things; 3d printing; health and others.

Who am I

My name is Manuel Levi.

It's hard to describe who am I felt I've lived multiple lives. From the nerdy guy in mid-school to running my own successful company in AI.

In data science, I first was a researcher working for labs in Portugal and then moved to Singapore to Work for MIT (SMART).

After this, I was accepted into Entrepreneur First in London. At the time, the program received roughly 10,000 applications per cohort and selected 100 of them to create a company in the ad tech space, together with Benjamin Yuan.

I've worked with 8+ figure companies and market leaders around the world: Singapore, London, Denmark, the USA, and Portugal. I've worked with retail, investing, banking, medical imaging, and others.

I help business owners, entrepreneurs, founders, and senior executives filter out the noise in AI and data science and invest only in truly profitable work, aligned with the existing company strategy.


I am also a co-founder of Enlightenment.ai together with Miguel Cabrita. An award winning company in the innovation space. We have been recognized by the National Innovation Agency as a suitable company for R&D for IT in Health, IT in Business and IoT. If you have a Portuguese company, this means you can get up to 82.5% of your money back through tax incentives if you work with us.

Parabellum Capital Partners

Recently I've joined Parabellum Capital Partners, an American crypto fund,  as one of the partners and CTO of the fund. As the CTO, I analyze different investments from a technical point of view using both my knowledge of solidity and blockchain analysis. The fund is also interested in helping with the creation of new tokens, where my role is to study the technical feasibility of the project and find the right team to develop it.

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