3D Printed LED box

3D Printed LED box

I love the idea of creating tools to leverage the creation of other tools, to leverage the creation of other tools, to leverage the creation of other tools...

This video is a testimonial of that. If you read my previous post, you know my tripod missed its quick-release plate, so I've modeled and printed a new one.

While I was printing it, I did what I always do. I got a flashlight and I pointed at the printer, to make sure there are no major issues.

I kept thinking it was not a very convenient solution. I have my flashlight somewhere else, and every time I use it, I'm worried that I might need to charge it soon, even when I don't - yes, I like to keep my batteries charged, thank you.

So, to celebrate that need, I modeled and 3D printed a simple "flashlight" - well just a box with LEDs and a switch really -  connected it to the printer power supply and that was it!

Surprisingly enough, the print you see in the video is my first prototype! This thing actually came perfectly the first time!

3D Printed Light for 3D Printing!

PS: I print with a 0.6 nozzle. I'm willing to sacrifice print quality for speed.

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